Born and raised in Tokyo, a Japanese underwater photographer, Erena Shimoda always had an affinity with the underwater world even though she grew up in the city. One of her favorite childhood memories includes floating in a small inflatable pool, daydreaming about mermaids and singing a children’s song:
“海は広いな 大きいなー
The ocean is wide, the ocean is huge…”

Erena Shimoda

Japanese underwater photographer, Erena Shimoda specializes in underwater portraits for beauty, fashion, aesthetics, confidence and memories. By capturing people’s best characteristics underwater and bringing them to the surface, her goal is to see her clients smile as they hold their final image in their hands.

Erena conducts pool photography sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and anywhere in the world.

A portion of the money raised from regular portrait sessions will go toward underwater transformation project for survivors of cancer, domestic violence, people with PTSD and physical disabilities. Underwater transformative photography has psychological benefits for survivors to feel peace, tranquility and freedom.

Please contact her to find out more about the photo shoot and the price information.